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About Us

Corrosion Pro is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of anti-corrosion and lubrication products in North America.  Established in 2010, Corrosion Pro is the commercial division of Corrosion Protection and Solutions, LLC.  Best known for their military products under the name Lektrotech, the company felt the unique problems associated with industrial manufacturing and storage needed the singular focus of its own R & D facility.  The first priority for the chemist and engineers formally working with the military product was to increase the concentration of anti-corrosive properties yet slow the evaporation rate when dipping and brushing.  The product Corrosion Zero was formulated and Corrosion Pro was on its way.

Corrosion Pro's custom proprietary formulas are on the cutting edge in the war against corrosion.  We have been tested in the most hostile environments by some of the largest manufactures in the world and have surpassed all other like products in the industry.

The R & D team is made up of chemist and engineers with over 120 years of experience.  Bright, inventive and always searching for better ways, we could not be prouder of the partnerships they have established with corporations through-out North America.

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