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Corrosion Zero

Corrosion Zero is a special corrosion preventative compound, an ultra thin  hydrophobic  film formulated without sulfates, chlorides, or halogens, that is unexcelled in preventing deterioration and contamination of all surfaces of electronic equipment and mechanical close-tolerance components. This corrosion inhibitor contains extremely long-lasting, specially formulated and proprietary anti-corrosive inhibitors that provide a superior lubrication coefficient. 

Unlike rigid coatings, the Corrosion Zero film remains flexible and will not crack when the treated material is subject to vibration and/or thermal expansion or contraction.  It is the flexibility of the film that makes Corrosion Zero extremely effective against fretting corrosion.  Also, because the film is not rigid, the film tends to be "self healing" and will fill scratches that are caused by the mating and/or unmating of close tolerance parts.

  • Non-Conducting
  • Non-Flammable
  • 550°F flash point
  • Will not freeze, even in high altitude applications.
  • A true hydrophobic, insoluble in water. Corrosion Zero displaces water so well that treated electric motors can run submerged!
  • Eliminates both surface static electricity and corona.
  • Eliminates both general and fretting corrosion.

In the photo of the steel plate shown on this  page  the right third was treated with Corrosion Zero, the left third with an oil-based corrosion prevention compound (CPC) and the middle was left untreated. It was then left for six months (4300 hrs) at sea. The difference is clear!

COMMON USES: Electronic circuitry,  components, circuit boards, electrical motors & fixtures, relays and terminals, pins, resistors, light fixtures,  all mechanical close-tolerance components, firearms, hand tools,  rocker panels,  cutting fluids, electronic signs, computer repair, meter & instrumentation manufacturers, etc.

PREP:  For use on base metal. 

DIRECTIONS:  Apply a thin light uniform coat using spray, brush or by dipping.

USED BY: Electronic components manufacture, meter and instrumentation manufacture and repair; amusement parks; general manufacturing; mining; marine, metal fabricating, equipment maintenance, repair facilities  and household maintenance.

    Pulp Mills

    Sewage Treatment Plants


    Coal Fire Plants

    Fertilizer Plants

    PVC Chemical Plants

    Petroleum Refineries

    Salt Water Environments

·  Unmanned Submersibles

·  Oil Pipeline Meter Systems

·  Harsh Condition Remote Communication Systems

·  Recreational Boating (Both Electrical and Close Mechanical)

·  Commercial Fishing Fleets (Electrical, Close Mechanical, Antennas) 



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Corrosion Zero