Why Buy Crap?


Writer:  Ron Knight

Have you had the experience of watching something that triggered a whole line of new thought?  I watched a short video clip recently that only lasted a few minutes.  After thoroughly discussing the video with others I found myself seeing events in a way that I had never considered.

There were six photographers and one subject in the video. One at a time each of the photographers interviewed and took photos of the subject.   When this was completed each of the photographers were asked to select one of their photos that best represented the subject and hang it in the room.  The subject was a tall, slightly heavy man that was bald and quite ordinary looking.  When he was asked to look at the six photos taken by the photographers he exclaimed “I know these are photos of me BUT they look like pictures of six different men.

And now the rest of the story……

During the interviews the subject told each of the photographers a different story.  He told one that he was a convicted felon.  He told another that he was an alcoholic, the third that he was a fisherman and so on.  Each one was told a completely different “life story” prior to them taking their photos.

The subject did not change clothes but the photographer who heard the “millionaire” story had the subject comb his hair, button and tuck in his shirt.  The photographer that was given the story of the “convict” told the subject to leave his shirt unbuttoned and untucked.   When the video showed the six photos selected by each photographer they indeed looked like six different men, possibly brothers but definitely different men.

The photographers had never met or even seen the subject before the day of the interview.  Based on what they had been told, each photographer based his photos on a PERCEIVED idea of what a millionaire, a convict or a fisherman should look like.  They selected their photo that best described their perceived idea of what these “men” represented. We are all guilty of judging people on our pre-conceived ideas.

I also know that we select products and services based on perceived ideas put into our heads from very slick marketing, packaging and advertising campaigns.  I also believe we select what products to buy based, not on fact, but based on what someone has told us.  In a lot of cases, what we perceive as facts is not even close!

The market for corrosion inhibitors is just under $3 billion per year.  There are hundreds if not thousands of corrosion inhibitors on the market and a very few of them actually work as advertised.  The vast majority of these products claim to prevent corrosion by displacing water.  Everything placed in water displaces water.  A form of moisture (water) is needed for most corrosion to occur and displacing water has absolutely nothing to do with being hydrophobic (drives off water).  Displacing water has no effect on corrosion reduction.  One popular product is a mixture of paint thinner and wheel bearing grease.  Another is mineral spirits and kerosene and yet another popular product is a mixture of mineral spirits, kerosene and petroleum jelly.  Kerosene is not bad penetrating oil (but why not just buy plain kerosene; it’s less expensive and will give you the same results; but where/what is the corrosion inhibitors in these products?  One product “self-ignites” at 120 degrees!  I would not suggest that you leave it in the trunk of your car!  Most of these products say they are lubricants, yet other than the paraffin in the kerosene they do not contain any lubricants.  My personal favorite (product) has an ingredient in it that carries a warning stating that the ingredient’s vapor is explosive so do not turn any electrical equipment on or off when the vapors are present or an explosion may occur.  One company whose product is highly flammable pays for an ad to “pop-up” if you search for a non-flammable corrosion inhibitor.  The ad does not say that the product is non-flammable, it just pops-up along with its low price.  This is called pay per click.  Every time someone clicks on the flammable product, the company pays an advertising fee.

ALL products formulated by Corrosion Protection & Solutions are non-flammable.  They ALL contain corrosion preventative compounds that are specifically selected for both the metals to be protected and the environment.  ALL solvent based products are hydrophobic and they actually drive off moisture not just push it aside.

Here is what not to do:  Buy anything because advertising says that it works or because it has nice packaging or just because the price APPEARS to be less than the other products.

Here is what to do: Before you buy any product ask someone exactly why it works.  Will it work in your application?  What is in the product?  Ask for a SDS (*Safety Data Sheet) and look at the CAS numbers and go online and see what you are actually buying.  Does it actually contain a lubricant or corrosion preventative compound, is the product flammable and dangerous to use?  Is there a possibility of an explosion if an electrical contact turns on or off?

The bottom line is do not believe what advertising tells you.  Do your due diligence.  Our product for instance may seem to be more expensive; however, it actually works! and will last 3 to 5 times longer than anything on the market!

For more information please visit www.corrosionpro.com or www.lektrotech.com.  You can

Also reach us at 813-831-4006.  If you have questions, just ask!


*The SDS sheets were developed so the information matches on a global basis.  They include comprehensive information about the substance or mixture of chemicals in the workplace and pictograms that can be identified worldwide.

NOTE:  The warnings on the SDS are more intense (see Windex) and are based on thousands of hours of continuous use.  Please call us if you have any concerns.  We may suggest a different formula if used in production.





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